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NoiseBridge Rails Course / Catch-up Day

17 July




Catch-up Day

We're going to use this class to catch up new students.

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  • The two big things we want to accomplish:

    a) bootstrapping your development environment - follow http://installfest.railsbridge.org/installfest/installfest

    b) setting up a basic blog application - follow http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html

    To prepare for this class, get as far as you can in these two tutorials.

    Experienced students please consider coming out to help troubleshoot. This class will be a looser format than usual, so everyone, please bring snacks! If there's interest, we will get beers at Shotwell's afterward to celebrate being caught up.

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    Play with Stripe API

    Wednesday 18 of Jul, 2012 by Gabe Reply
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